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Jèrriais is Jersey's own language.

An introduction to Jèrriais and Jersey culture and identity is provided through the Jersey Studies course which is undertaken by all children in Year 4 in Jersey States schools and some independent schools.

Language learning at primary level takes place in specialist centres called Pallions (places for talking) which are based in these primary schools: Saint Lawrence, Saint Peter, First Tower, Grouville. 

Language learning at secondary level takes place at individual secondary schools. There are also tailored classes and materials for the TGJ, our GCSE-level qualification.

Adult learning takes place at different levels.

Learning materials include workbooks:

  1. La P'tite Sente 1 (beginners)
  2. La P'tite Sente 2 (moving on)
  3. Lé Neu C'mîn 3 (topics and situations)
  4. Lé Neu C'mîn 4 (topics and situations - preparing for GCSE level language ability)

Announcements of new materials, changes to lesson times and arrangements, activities and other notices are posted below on the school blog:

  • Christmas - Noué
    Our annual Christmas charity event is a fun occasion so please come and help us to...
  • Halloween
    J'avons chèrgi dé tchi pouor la Séthée ès Chorchièrs . We've uploaded material...
  • Eisteddfod 2015
    Des vidgos et d'l'audgo pouor l'Eisteddfod 2015 Videos and sound files for the...
  • Bâtons d'chour - Cabbage walking sticks
    J'avons un p'tit vidgo d'bâtons d'chour pouor l's Êtudes Jèrriaises. We've got a...
  • La Compétition d'Gammes
    Y'a acouo des portraits d'chèrgis. More photos uploaded. Achteu ch'est la s'gonde...

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